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Baltic Birch Plywood

Our wood of the year is Baltic Birch Hardwood Plywood and we are offering a special discounted price all throughout May.

Bamboo plywood

Carbonized horizontal bamboo plywood/bamboo panels/bamboo furniture boards.

Marine plywood

This was deep enough into which to lay several layers of 9-ounce fiberglass after first soaking the plies with unthickened epoxy.


Your Guide for Kitchen Remodeling

2170410864_753e392bf6_zImagine walking into a beautiful house and noticing the kitchen is lacking quality. What could be the reason for this? Does it have to do with the cabinets? Countertop? No, it often has to do with the flooring. This is one of the biggest oversights a person can have when it comes to home remodeling. The flooring is an essential component of the kitchen’s beauty and those who ignore it are going to miss out without a doubt. Let’s take a glance at what a homeowner needs to know with regards to kitchen floors and home remodeling projects.

Flooring Type

Let’s suppose the decision has been made and a budget has been established. Which material is going to be used for the flooring? Each person is going to have their own expectations, but a significant amount of factors will have a role to play in the ultimate decision being made.

The options are going to include materials such as ceramic, marble, and hardwood to name a few.
The most affordable choice people tend to go with would be ceramic, while others are willing to splurge and get marble put in. This is a decision that is personal, but the benefits of each should be understood before moving forward one way or the other.

Consider Color

What is the final look being considered? Is there a specific color that is going to be desired? These expectations should be listed out as soon as possible rather than leaving it to the end. Generally, kitchen remodeling is not going to be done in parts. It is going to be done together.

Thus, it is best to sit down and take a look at all of the other aspects along with the flooring in order to decide which color is best.

Emphasis On Durability

Flooring is going to take a hammering in terms of wear and tear. This is normal and it does not matter how much one has to spend. There is always going to be trouble in association with kitchen remodeling and the durability of one’s new flooring. There are durable materials such as ceramic which are going to sustain themselves.

If this is a worry, it is pertinent to make a decision with this in mind as well.
Those who are willing to spend on maintenance can go with expensive materials as they will be able to take care of them as needed.

Perception Matters

This is often ignored when deciding which direction to go in for the remodeling. Perception when walking in is going to have a big role to play. This means, when the flooring is put in, it is going to have an impact on what a person sees in terms of size and depth.

Flooring that has more gloss is going to provide far more range and depth than those which don’t offer this.
Therefore, the materials being selected for the remodeling should take this into account as well.


For those who have kids, safety is going to have a role to play as well. Imagine a child slipping on the tile and getting hurt. Is that something anyone would want to see happen?
It is always important to note down how much traffic is going to be in the kitchen as this is the heart of one’s property. Therefore, if there is a lot of traffic, glossy finishes are not going to be desired. Therefore, materials such as marble are probably not a good idea at all.

Any home remodeling project focused towards flooring is going to one that will reap positive results. As long as all of the factors listed here are being taken into consideration, the results are going to be up to par with expectations. Each homeowner is going to have different aesthetic requirements with regards to how the final look should be like, but as long as the core aspects are considered, the results will be as they should be. There is nothing worse than putting in the time and money to get the project up and running only to not like the results.

Kitchen flooring is critical as long as these factors are noted and adhered to.



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